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Wilmington Doctor Overcomes Barriers to Reach MIPS Success


Dr-Bonder.jpegBy the time Dr. Richard Bonder reached out to Quality Insights QPP Support Center, he had already decided that Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) reporting was too cumbersome. “I have been in practice 45 years and retirement is looming,” says Dr. Bonder. “The threat of Medicare penalties makes my retirement only a matter of time.”

Additionally, Dr. Bonder admits that he is a “far less-than-average computer-savvy physician.” His practice’s lack of an electronic health record (EHR) system further hindered his ability to participate in this Medicare reporting program.

Joining forces with Quality Insights proved to be a step in the right direction for his practice. “I responded to an email from Quality Insights and found the assistance, insight and guidance to successfully complete the submission of my data,” Dr. Bonder explains.

“My initial contact with Roxanne Fletcher convinced me that I had found someone to guide me through the process,” he adds. Fletcher is a Quality Insights practice transformation specialist. Through a series of interactive video conferences, Fletcher guided Dr. Bonder through the necessary steps. He credits her with unravelling each data submission issue. “Her diligence and patience with both me and the process made us successful,” says Dr. Bonder. “I will not suffer a significant reduction in my reimbursements in 2020.”
The initial plan was to retire in the near future, however, his experience with Quality Insights may have changed that opinion. “I learned that people at Quality Insights actually care about their clients and will do everything they can to ensure a successful outcome,” notes Dr. Bonder. “My experience with Roxanne has made me begin to consider practicing an extra year by using her guidance to navigate me through the 2019 submission for the year 2021.”
Dr. Bonder recommends that other practices partner with Quality Insights for support and assistance in achieving Quality Payment Program success.
“Besides being knowledgeable and diligent, I felt that I had a friend who really cared at the other end. When I got frustrated, many times, she was the calming influence on the other end of the line,” says Dr. Bonder. “I felt that the success of my submission really meant something to her. Thank you a million times.”